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Getting your Coo Coo Back

Jun 30, 2016   //   by wvanbusk   //   mashup  //  Comments Off on Getting your Coo Coo Back

We found a W. German Black Forest nature style coo coo clock that was missing bellow tops and wires for making the bird sing. Being a beginner amature horologist and generlized mechanical hacker plus our mutual desire to have a coo coo clock, I paid $20 and took it home. Examining the internet, replacement tops cost more than we paid and I was unable to locate complete instructions for DIY bellows, so here they are in a series of photos worth thousands of words.

IMG_20160630_061638661_HDR IMG_20160630_061743483 IMG_20160630_061832926 IMG_20160630_061916350_HDR IMG_20160630_061957985 IMG_20160630_062029632 IMG_20160630_062047584 IMG_20160630_062151924_HDR IMG_20160630_062303413 IMG_20160630_062329591 IMG_20160630_062538443 IMG_20160630_062734344_HDR IMG_20160630_062904649 IMG_20160630_062952769_HDR IMG_20160630_063030258 IMG_20160630_063140065 IMG_20160630_063238546_HDR IMG_20160630_063341390 IMG_20160630_063525890_HDR IMG_20160630_063543978 IMG_20160630_063611455 IMG_20160630_063652927_HDR IMG_20160630_064228466_HDR IMG_20160630_064352367_HDR IMG_20160630_064841536_HDR