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Big TV – 4K LED flat panel mounted directly over stove

Nov 18, 2015   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on Big TV – 4K LED flat panel mounted directly over stove

It’s fine to put your expensive TV over a stove if you are aware of the issues, think about your habits and make good choices. You need to manage heat, prevent indoor smoke, and be alert to how heat and smoke damage occur. If you can’t prevent smoke from entering your indoor air, never a good thing, or cannot monitor and control movement of hot air and radiant heat from the stove surface to your TV, you should not mount the TV very close to your stove. An unwatched stove operated at intense heat levels with a smoke puffing out is not a good place for nearby electronics.

tv stove smallThere are steps you can take to mitigate heat with an adjacent stove. The use of a fan to move hot air away from the stove can reduce the impact of hot air naturally rising up into the space directly above the stove. A substantial mantle can deflect hot air away from the wall and create counter currents of cooler air above it. A mantle or other insulated solid baffle will also block radiative heat transfer to vulnerable plastic surfaces. The use of a thermometer to help monitor air temperature can provide measurement of heat accumulation. Use of a long reach wall mount that allows the TV to be pulled away from the wall is very useful for controlling the stove to TV distance as well as adjusting the angle of the screen for optimal viewing. wall mount

We actively use our airtight wood stove to heat our main level when the outside temperature drops below 45 F. Our electric furnace is set to 65 and it may be slightly warmer when we have a fire, but not by much. Today it’s 45 outside the thermostat shows 66 down the hall, it’s 62 in the bedroom at the end of the hall, and it’s 70F on the wall mounted laptop behind the tv and above the wood stove downwind of the fan, which is set on low.  Typically, we don’t make a fire when it’s windy, because smoke will occasionally puff out of the air flow control in windy conditions. We don’t get our stove intensely hot and if it ever approached high radiation, we would move the TV away from the stove and turn up the floor fan. We normally have a long slow burn in our stove. The air in our home is relatively cool in the winter and there is plenty of air movement with the floor fan. We are also sensitive to smoke, so we are careful about air control and smoke draw conditions when opening the stove door to add or adjust wood fuel.

Why not just mount the TV far from the stove and avoid the issue? There are practical reasons for doing so, often a process of elimination is involved and the fact that there is no other place to put a big screen. The size and shape of the room and limited placement options for a large object can result in your considering the fireplace as a TV stand. For example, our rectangular living room has two usable walls since one side is stairs and the long wall is big picture windows. Our couch backs under the windows and faces the opposite wall which has a big red brick fireplace in the middle with an airtight wood stove insert. Our conclusion; it’s simply the best place, our airtight stove usage pattern is a suitable match, and we know what we are doing.