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CentOS on a Bay Trail M Laptop Asus x551m – Powertop fail

Nov 15, 2015   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on CentOS on a Bay Trail M Laptop Asus x551m – Powertop fail

I have been a fan of CentOS for a few years as a serious workstation OS that is compatible with software developed to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I had a copy on a DVD so I loaded it as a dual boot on the ASUS x551m that was just sitting around and moved a WordPress web site onto it as a backup. Then I just let this system sit running for a few months without incident. One thing you can say is that CentOS 6 is stable. The only issue that came up was needing updates.


In the end I had to discard this OS for this laptop. The reason was that it had trouble with implementing all the power management options. I desired a server with low power states, which the Bay Trail M was designed for.  I used powertop as documented on the RHL site.  https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/pdf/Power_Management_Guide/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux-7-Power_Management_Guide-en-US.pdf .  However, using the calibrate settings caused instability characterized by dropped network connections and crashes. Also, all of the powertop tunables were marked as bad except for display dimming. I also had some issues with WordPress updates and SELinux. It does not appear that this Intel Processor’s power options are supported or implemented by the developer or there was some other unidentified conflict.