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Lenovo Laptop Fix AC not Charging Battery

Jan 13, 2016   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on Lenovo Laptop Fix AC not Charging Battery

It was possible to repair a lenovo Y560p laptop with intermittent charging that devolved to not charging at all, even when  wiggling the plug in the socket. The charging socket was not pushed in or loose. The matching transformer (power brick) was checked and found to have the correct voltage. After reviewing the service manual and a few videos, which showed nearly full disassembly, I thought the just removing the cover and keyboard would gain access to the socket, which is does. I assumed the socket had a problem.

P1040787 Remove the battery, the DVD drive (one screw) and remove the screws (8 screws) under it along the bottom hinge edge.
P1040786 Pry up the cover above the keyboard which snaps into place once the screws are removed. There are small ribbon cables for the buttons on the cover.
P1040785 The keyboard can clear the cover, which holds the top of keyboard down and be flipped over for removal of a larger ribbon cable.
P1040778 The ribbon cables have little black levers that fold down to lock the ribbon and hold the contacts. The while line on the ribbon cable shows the depth the ribbon is under the black lever once it is lifted up.
P1040777 There is a metal part covering holding down the AC socket held in by one screw. Once the metal part is removed the socket can be examined for failure.
P1040768 In this case probing the upper wire revealed a broken solder joint. The wire is covered with black heat shrink.
P1040769 Cutting back the heat shrink revealed three wires that were soldered to the same joint.
P1040772 The three wires were stripped back to expose some bare wire.
P1040774 The three wires were soldered together.
P1040775 The soldered triad was further soldered to the power socket.
P1040776 The solder joint was insulated with liquid electrical tape (epoxy would also work).
P1040788 Other defects were noted. For example, the nuts in two of the under battery screw points were not strongly welded to the plastic case and broke out when the screws were removed.
P1040790 The vent holes on the edge of the case have broken out due to normal handling.
P1040792 The screen lid no longer closes completely. However, now the battery charging light come on, so there is reason to be optimistic for another period of service before something else might go wrong.