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N2310 OS6 is Annoying

Nov 14, 2015   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on N2310 OS6 is Annoying

This nas has the latest OS 6 by Thecus. It’s web based, colorful and has lots of icons, but most of the features are not intuitively placed and the nomenclature is not normal UNIX speak or even MS speak. So I’m learning a new language for this OS. Thankfully there is some documentation online that is written somewhat amusing english. I’m not amused by having to go back and forth between features, since each icon represents so few, sometime only one. If you are used to control panels like cpanel, webmin, or even Win Control Panel, this one is quite broad and shallow. Which means that you will not be drilling very deep at all for any option selections, rather, you will leave one icon and go to another, leaving the previous window behind. ¬†Use the snipping tool to document what you did, since it may not remember where to find it again. It’s very odd, but I might get used to it.