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We need a NAS for online backups!

Jan 14, 2015   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on We need a NAS for online backups!

We got our ultrabook style laptops! Now I have found that we need some hardware and software support at home. These systems are impressive with decent speed and low weight on our laps. I splurged on Stasia’s yoga since she was spending a lot of time on her old laptop and the flash games she was using was driving her D630 cooling fan into overdrive. We went to bestbuy with our Christmas gift money and came home with a lenovo yoga 3 pro. I went online and found a used lenovo flex 2 with an i7 and ssd for half the price on craigslist the same day. Now we are booting in a fraction of the time. We ordered a USB DVD drive so we could install our old copy of MS Office and other disk based software with those paper based install keys.


I have now found I do not have enough storage for the files I currently have on my D630.  So let’s research new ways to get our data backed up and onto our new systems.  I can spend hours reading about computer stuff online, what fun!  We currently had a esata/usb3 portable case with a 2TB desktop hdd inside. We use that as a place to copy our data from our D630 laptops and my desktop workstation.  We also have it to backup the church AV laptop we keep at home. Copying from those usb 2.0 laptops took hours, especially from my own because of all the ripped music, photos and digital videos. We had 100’s of GB of files now and only one place to put them, since the new ultrabooks did not have large hdd’s. So now, not only do we need space to backup our laptops, but we simply needed a place to keep all the digital media we are accumulating with our smartphone cameras and Lumix digital cameras.  We are out of space and needed a better way to keep data for use with systems with smaller ssd storage. A NAS seems like the best solution, since it would use our home network and be there without having to locate the backup drive.