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TheCus N2310 support to the rescue? – not

Nov 15, 2015   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on TheCus N2310 support to the rescue? – not

Thecus forum has about 8500 users, and nine moderators. the forum for the N2310 is fairly quiet with a few posts per month, but a lot of views.

thecus forum

The moderators do chime in, but TheCus is not very helpful for most issues on the forum, by, for example, providing instructions, links, document, etc. The forum is searchable so solutions should be readably available, however it may be that solutions are not possible for many situations in the forum.

thecus forum activity

Also, there seems to be a language barrier that makes some support attempts an exercise in decryption and frustration.thecus forum language

I did get some help from other users in the forum and by reading previous solutions, but very little in the form of direct support from the moderators.

Thecus also has online esupport for English, Chinese and the languages. Searching the ~500 articles in the knowledge base of N2310 returns 28 articles, mostly non-english.


There is a warranty of 2 years, with exceptions (F. is an interesting exception, considering the ease of doing so):

The following scenarios are not included in warranty. Service fee is required for RMA Service:
A. product is out of warranty
B. damages caused by natural disasters or improper handling/operation
C. damages caused by disassembling device or installing (additional) unofficial hardware or components
D. damages caused by modifying software
E. no document of purchase and visible label with serial number
F. damages caused by not following instructions on manual or false operation.

There is a list of hdd approved and hdd not approved here: http://www.thecus.com/download/compatibility/hdd/N2310_N4310_HDD_SSD_list.pdf