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Thecus OS6 add-ons galore bit me

Nov 15, 2015   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on Thecus OS6 add-ons galore bit me

thecus app center

The nas app center at thecus dot com prominently shows that there are 0725 apps, however this number does not reduce to the 69 available for the N2310 when the filter is applied. I have tried using some of these modules. The webmin module was a hopeful program to use, but because of the custom configuration, your better off using the OS to make changes that will stick past a power cycle. I used webmin to manage Apache, to no avail. I ended up using the webserver already defined for the thecus user and edited the conf file to make minor changes. Most of the modules were developed by the one lone developer, who was paid by Thecus, presumably. I was able to add mySQL, PHP and install WordPress through webmin and got it to work together after some non trivial effort. I also got Plex working, but it took a long time to load libraries and the experience just playing music was laggy.

Plex insists on upgrading, but this can lead to problems, since the server cannot be updated since it’s a Thecus module. Getting updates turns out to be rather infeasible due to the lack of Thecus update and development support. I assume that they have a module development environment for the PPC, but it’s not made available.  Some packages were able to be updated through webmin package search, but the PPC is outdated and the custom version of Fedora 32bit used here has been neglected by serious developers, who have moved on to Fedora 64 bit versions. A lot of modules were developed for media servers, however I think the processor, memory and system bandwidth is insufficient for the task.

On the bright side the Samba shares are dependable and transfer speed is adequate for our needs. So the primary purpose of acquisition, for storage and backup, is justified. The OS method of setting up shares, all other OS features and the modules are there to tease and annoy users with linux experience given the weakness of this system. Thus we have another instance of the old adage; “you get what you pay for”.