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Vizio M55-C2 2015 terse review

Nov 17, 2015   //   by wvanbusk   //   Technology  //  Comments Off on Vizio M55-C2 2015 terse review

This 4k tv is a good value. The picture is amazing with any HD video content. I was blown away as soon as we got a picture. It’s big, but not too heavy or thick. It has a remote with a keyboard, so typing searches is a bit faster. There is an android app of the remote if you have a ir emitter on a phone.  I picked up a used HTC one m7 with blown speakers for $50 to use as an AV control device in our living room. I put peel on it and the vizio remote app and other apps for media streaming through chromecast. The tv also recognizes our sony bluray player through hdmi data and passes remote commands to it. The optical SPDIF audio does pass through compressed and encoded DD or DTS at 5.1 or 7.1  The main and most common purpose of the toslink spec is to provide surround sound through a single unidirectional stream for high fidelity. This connection provides surround sound, except for lossless surround, to systems lacking hdmi input.

good tv

However, all is not perfect, the apps are limited in number and app features are limited. Forget about the two built in irritation speakers for anything but talking heads news (the fox channels?). Even some good computer speakers would be an improvement. Utilize the audio out or hdmi panel for external sound.

m55 rear

The apps are developed by Yahoo and the tv is padded with a cluster of local fox tv stations from all over the country (goes with the internal speakers).  There are only about 25 main apps that provide useful content and most of them require account subscriptions. The only media app for presenting local dlna content is woefully inadequate. Better to use chromecast. There is facebook if you want to use a big screen for social media, except there is no forward (or rear) camera, so no video chat, selfies or peeking behind the tv.  I would like to find and install 3rd party apps, but I have not seen many sources yet. I did find one site that claimed to have a way to add kodi using the usb, but that was a different visio model. I added a chromecast v1 hdmi stick, so we can stream all whatnot from our devices and ignore all but the native amazon, netflix and youtube apps. It’s sad that so much effort goes into these tv apps as if there was really any comparison to an app store or google play. It’s relatively lame compared to smartphones and the web apps on better developed devices. Take a gander at what vizio is foisting as it’s apps here http://www.vizio.com/via-chart .

via apps

The main purposes I have for this unit is the over the air and cable HDTV tuner and the screen as a monitor for images and piping the sound out to surround. Oh, and its great for hiding what all is behind it, my HTPC, router, raid box and power strip with all those cords.