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Sound of an Hawaiian Earthquake

Aug 11, 2013   //   by wvanbusk   //   adventure, Uncategorized  //  Comments Off on Sound of an Hawaiian Earthquake

While visiting Hawaii Island, I got up early one morning to record the sound of the dawn awakening, which is quite different than in Oregon. The Coqui frogs are still active and the birds are adding their morning chorus. It just so happened that an earthquake occurred about 20 seconds into the recording. You can see in the waveform the decrease in the sound levels before the main event, the reason being that we could sense some movement, a sort of pressure energy a few seconds before the shaking started. After the shaking the lowered sound level was very noticeable, and the level never regained it’s pre-event levels, although I only recorded a full minute after the event as Stasia was asking for me, because the quake had awoken her.

Here is the location, it was deep in the East rift zone, Pele’s home. We were located about where the yellow dot is by Lava Tree State Park:

Seismic map from HVO

Here is a snip of the waveform of the sound from Audacity, the top axis is time in seconds:

Audacity extraction from mp4 movie

Play the sound file earthquake sound