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English Ivy

Jul 9, 2019   //   by wvanbusk   //   Redwood Victorian  //  Comments Off on English Ivy

The exterior of the home had old large tree like shrubs and ivy growing on the building. The English ivy has clinging roots that have attached to the paint, grown into the crawlspace and has emerged between boards on the front porch. The huge shrubs hold moisture and shade the exterior, which will support mold and mildew growth and make maintenance difficult. Kiwi vines have covered the South side porch and staircase causing a build up of dead leaves and corresponding moisture damage. The National Park Service advises that vegetation control is an important part of preservation maintenance.

2012 street view

Our first step was the elimination of the ivy from the property. This invasive vigorous vine is choking two the the landscape shrubs and covering the planting beds around the front of the structure. The Rhododendron growing in front of the box bay next to the front porch was severely impacted and had vines over one inch in diameter wrapped around the branches. We elected to remove this hopeless shrub which removed the majority of the ivy plant mass in this area. We also dug out the larger roots around the porch. Removing the roots from the paint will take some time with a scraper and brush.


A Camilla to the south of the front porch was also covered with ivy, but the vines were less than a half inch in diameter so we are attempting to save this shrub. We spent a couple of hours peeling off the vines, thinning the branches and reducing the height. More work will have to be done to remove the ivy from the base area because the ivy has grown and rooted between the narrow spaces between several trunks. We reduced the size significantly at this stage, but more may be removed to get at the remaining ivy.

camillia pruned stage 1