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Research building

Jun 4, 2019   //   by wvanbusk   //   Redwood Victorian  //  Comments Off on Research building


Some comments on this home in an old home hunter blog identified this home as an Italianate Victorian. While the blog administrator insisted it was Stick Victorian. The home seems to include and is missing elements of both styles. Based on the book;  A Field Guide to American Houses 1st edition. (the key).


Italianate – low roof pitch and hip, bracketed and boxed roof wall junction, copula roof elaboration, window bracketed tops, window pairs

Stick – windows bracketed


Italianate – arches, pediments, classic porch columns, quoins, pilasters

Stick – patterned stick-work on walls, steep roof pitch, trussed gables, open eves, dormers

Exceptions – turned porch columns, beaded horizontal siding, no spindles, corbels, or spandrils

The revised 2nd edition of the book discusses the difference between Stick and Italianate out on the “West Coast” (California – i.e. San Francisco row house) which includes some more detail on the characteristics at a finer level of execution. Based on this edition, the home includes more stick style elements for a Victorian. Although the overall impression is Italianate some subtitle differences are attributed as stick style elements. The merging of the Stick and Italianate styles seems to have taken place, so perhaps we have an Italianate-Stick style Victorian home. The inexpensive mass production of redwood decorative elements allowed for much variation and selection from catalogs.


Italianate –

Stick – box bay windows, brackets align with windows and corners, vertical strips on sides of windows, flat top upper window panes, short vertical boards at cornice


Italianate – slanted side bay windows, arched upper window pane

Stick – false gables over bay windows, vertical stripes on corner boards

Oregon Italianate

Research Northward reveals other analysis for residential construction in Oregon. Researchers they say; “This home in Albany Oregon can be found at the corner of Montgomery Street and Fourth Avenue. The Goltra House, 331 Montgomery SE (18) was built in 1893. It includes the distinctive rectangular paneled bays with scroll brackets and scroll brackets at the eaves. Classic Italianate tall rectangular shape with narrow windows and pronounced moldings is evident.”

Image result for Goltra House, 331 Montgomery

The city provides a guide for visitors at – https://albanyvisitors.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Screen_SLOT_2018.pdf  which includes visual samples such as these two:

oregon Italianate oregon stick-eastlake