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Six Porches

Jul 9, 2019   //   by wvanbusk   //   Redwood Victorian  //  Comments Off on Six Porches

One of the unique characteristics of this home is the number of exterior entrances. The two finest entrances face i street; the main front double doors and the North entrance into the living room (fireside room). They have the largest and presumably oldest ornamentation, are covered with interesting tall boxy shaped covers, include transom windows and have wide steps and sheltered landings. The main entrance doors are each two feet wide with one arched window in each with heavy exterior ornamentation, likely original 1888.

There are the two North and South entrances to the partially joined Kitchen and Dining rooms. The Dining room entrance includes the large covered (4×22′) South facing porch. The Kitchen porch has no cover, but is built over a large cement slab. We would consider building something over this area to shelter the slab, landing and steps. The South porch could be updated with additional ornamentation, such as spandrils between the posts. The doors each have four vertical stained glass panes in the upper half. Door and windows trim is simpler in style on this wing and the garage.

Matt Babich I Street, Eureka

Matt Babich I Street, Eureka
Kitchen porch at sale
kitchen porch afterKitchen Porch after cleaning, repair and preservation.

The Garage has three entrance doors of the 10 window french door type with reduced ornamentation on ground level. Two on the North side facing West and one on the South side under a staircase to the apartment over the garage. One of these doors is damaged with missing glass and the upright tenon piece between the bottom two panes. It would be better to have wood panels on the bottom of these exterior doors because of rain splash. The garage also has stairs and a door into the laundry room and three overhead vehicle doors; two sixteen by eight foot and one ten by 8 foot. One of the sixteen foot doors has a power opener.


There are two entrances with 10 pane french doors, wood landings and exterior staircases to the apartment over the garage. One on the South side and one on West side. The South side staircase was severely water rot damaged with broken support posts and joists. Both upstairs entrances open into the main living area with kitchen. One entrance staircase serves the door to the single car garage and sidewalk to the ally, while the other serves the public entrance on 13th street.