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Exterior lighting

Sep 6, 2019   //   by wvanbusk   //   Redwood Victorian  //  Comments Off on Exterior lighting

The home has lights in the second story eves between the corner brackets that are directed downward. There are also some Christmas lights in the copula up in the attic. Porch lights at each entrances are either a bare bulb (kitchen, rear garage, front porches) or of the carriage light style (dining room, South garage, apartment South, apartment West, and North garage). In the alley, three lights (two carriage, one LED spot) stay on dawn to dusk, not sure yet where the photocell is located. Jerry must have added the extra lighting when the electrical was upgraded from knob and tube to NM non-metallic sheath cables. There are also two exterior duplex outlets; one on the main entrance front porch and one on the South porch.


The home is known to display Christmas tree lights in the copula by the community for decades. Up in the attic, the electric system had also been improved with two light fixtures on a switch and an outlet for the Christmas tree lights. The tree was a plastic artificial tree that had nearly disintegrated down to the trunk and a few branches. Nearly all of the green parts has become brittle and fallen off. There was a bunch of old light strands illustrating the history of Christmas light string types from old brown screw in incandescent bulbs with metal clips to green LED light string that was still operating and remains to this date. All of the older strings, plywood base and the tree skeleton were removed. The LED lights were rehung on the copula rafters in a heart shape.


Most of the bare bulb porch lights were upgraded at this time with improved sockets. Two metallic exterior wiring boxes of the old motion detector type were replaced and fitted with single socket motion LED bulbs. A quartz style spotlight and extra duplex outlet was removed from the South porch and replaced with a single motion sensor bulb. The exterior outlet covers were replaced and padlocked. Bulbs in enclosed carriage fixtures were replaced with small low power string light type LED bulbs. The eve lights up on the second story were replaced with ultra low power (0.3 watt) plastic exterior LED bulbs made for light strings. A 30 foot extension ladder was used for this task.


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