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Fully fenced

Sep 12, 2019   //   by wvanbusk   //   Redwood Victorian  //  Comments Off on Fully fenced


The yard is now fenced off from the sidewalk and the ally. The alleyway is frequented by pedestrians moving north and south between downtown and up town. Cooper gulch runs up to 16th and J streets and is crossed by 14th street giving access to the Myrtletown area. Most walkers prefer the alley to the sidewalks, perhaps to avoid the traffic on I and J streets. Also, some of the people in the alley are pickers checking the disposal bins for deposit containers.


Each of the three sidewalk entrances through the fence received gates, a total of five gate doors were made and painted with primer. The gates were built using about 75% salvage wood. Neighbors on the block had been cutting off the corner by crossing through the yard via the gaps in the fence, but it’s better for the young children of the current tenants having a fully enclosed yard which we completed in September. Initially, we had put in a temporary plastic fence separating a part of the yard accessible from the kitchen and garage, expecting a tenant with a dog to move in before the gates were installed. The gates were built to match the fence for a seamless streetview.


Exterior lighting
Old Wood Framing