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Post Inspection Blues

Jul 7, 2019   //   by wvanbusk   //   Redwood Victorian  //  Comments Off on Post Inspection Blues

We found things to fix that were not found by the property inspector. There is not much control or way to change a property inspector to observe and list more details. The inspection we got here was not nearly as detailed as we have received in past purchases and cost significantly more. Fixing some problems was also a challenge. We found that unusual replacement parts are not stocked in the local service and hardware stores, so we ordered things online to install later.

For example, we discovered late in our cleaning and planning that the old kitchen range had a defective spark ignition module that prevented the oven pilot from lighting, although the five burners on the surface would light up. The garbage disposal was broken and disturbing the old metal plumbing under the sink was best done with complete replacement of the drain pipes with the more common white plastic. Some exterior porch lights were out and some of the light fixtures were in bad shape or missing glass and needed replacement. Garage door torsion springs were unbalanced on one door and one of the door support cables was frayed. The garage doors are 8 feet high, so the cables are longer than the standard size at the Ace Hardware stores.


Some good news was that the largest porch that looked really bad was not bad. It was covered with rotted wood scraps that turned out to be mostly old scrap lumber, firewood and bark (and a door to a microwave). The owner had used the porch to store his firewood and the deck just needed to be cleaned off and painted. The deck is unusual because is is made of 4 inch tongue and groove boards with beaded joints. After sweeping and blowing it was still dirty, so it got an extra treatment with the pressure washer and more sweeping and blowing after drying. Finally, it was scraped and mopped and then brushed with tinted primer.