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Victorian Style Hunters

Jul 28, 2019   //   by wvanbusk   //   Redwood Victorian  //  Comments Off on Victorian Style Hunters

We have become hunters of household decor and material from the late Victorian era. We are indeed guilty of the pack rat mode of life with some difficulty of discarding collectibles. I try to think about upgrades to existing items; for instance – “this is a better version of that” justification for a purchase. But you know getting rid of “that” can be postponed… sometimes indefinitely.

big posts and spandrils

Big 9 foot posts and gingerbread spandrils await use

Walking the isles and pages of shops and viewing second hand stuff has a new flavor and meaning. Our creative minds are stimulated in new ways and we are discovering the possibilities that new art supplies bring. Old discards may find a new life in a different context. Something new may work with something antique if arranged this or that way. We now look at our clutter and once cherished old thing in a new way. Sometimes critical, we reconsider and rediscover this or that thing among our sometimes cherished piles.


That bag of parts might come in handy

I like Italianate style, but our home is also called West Coast Stick-Eastlake. I ask myself; can a home express multiple styles? The Victorians were an eccentric and eclectic people. Reading Charles Eastlake I get the sense that style is cyclic and fickle and designers are critical of current style cues while reviving older ones, even though the current style is a revival of a different older one. The rapid change of production methods allowed manufactures to produce multiple styles at high rates including the reformed styles of a new hand crafted style movement. Builders and homemakers at the turn of the century must have had difficulty with excess choice.


This pile of fence panels has potential

Like the Victorians, we have a lot of choices to consider and I anticipate we will have to delegate and compromise our way past conflicts. Fortunately for us, the clutter and eclecticism of the Victorian age works in our favor. Perhaps we can arrange our exhibits in a favorable way, but I know we can always change our perception of the past in the future. We look forward to using imagination and spirit in this artistic adventure.


Eclectic style manifested in my parental home